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Amazing Tips to Open Working PayPal Account in Nigeria

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Still wondering how to open paypal account that receive money in Nigeria it’s not a big deal if only you’ve learned how to do it. Otherwise it will remain a difficult task to do.

In Nigeria today, we aren’t allowed to use paypal just like other supported countries does. This limitation is officially placed by paypal and there’s no way to pass it except using other countries PayPal accounts. Though we are still hopping for a day when this will be called off, but in the meantime we need to use paypal to:

  • Receive and send international payments,
  • We need paypal to accept and make payments online (shopping)

We can’t do without using PayPal on daily basis because we work online, we make payments online, we get paid online as freelancers, bloggers, internet marketers etc.

Having known this, in Nigeria today there are commonly used paypal accounts among which we have :UK, US, Canada, UAE, Lesotho, South Africa etc

So if you’re searching for how to open paypal account that receive money in Nigeria, you are equally referring to learning how to make any of the above mentioned paypal accounts.

How To Open Paypal Account That Receive money in Nigeria


Like i above if you want to open paypal account that receive money in Nigeria then you need to learn how to create international PayPal account from supported countries.

Google has always been the best place to find answers so am only going to give you the search phrases which you’re going to use when making your search.

The above searches will definitely solve the query on How To Open Paypal Account That Receive money in Nigeria. Creating those accounts means you can send and receive but not withdrawing to your local bank in Nigeria.

By default, there’s no option to add your local bank and withdraw directly to Naira account. However, you can do withdraw to Nigeria Bank using specific Cards in Nigeria. With this, you can withdraw to Naira account and get your account credited within 24hrs of the day.

Like you may have known, the cost to learn how to withdraw from PayPal directly to your Nigeria bank account remains 10,000 Naira .

With that, you will learn how to acquire the card you will use and how to activate the Naira card for PayPal withdrawal.You can contact me

What happens when you create and receive money into your Nigeria PayPal

Many people aren’t aware of what will happen when they receive payment to their Nigeria PayPal accounts all because they are ignorants of the limitations placed on Nigeria PayPal users.

If you create Nigeria PayPal account , and you manage to receive payment to it, the money will be stucked there without you been able to send out or withdraw or even shop online.

You can’t use your Nigeria PayPal balance to do any of the above. Automatically, the money in there is useless unless you refund it back to your sender. And this is the major reason why no internet marketer uses Nigeria account since you can’t get your money out.

If you create Nigeria PayPal account and link your card and at the same time you have some funds in your PayPal balance. If for instance you go online to shop, you will be charged from the money you have in the linked card. Same thing applied when sending money to other PayPal users from Nigeria account.

Am sure you now understand the reason why people don’t use them.

End: How To Open Paypal Account That Receive money in Nigeria

If you’ve chosen to go with US paypal, there’s no way you can archive that without having your SSN documents. Unlike before when you can create USA PayPal in Nigeria and use them freely without issues, these days, the security system has been tightened and as such, Any US account you create without verifying your Social security number (ssn) will always get issues as soon as the first payment arrives.

You won’t be able to send out to other PayPal users or use your available balance for online shopping until your SSN documents are confirmed. That’s the trending issue with newly created US paypal accounts.

Getting SSN documents for PayPal Verification aren’t that cheap. You can find out online to see costs above $300. But we offer both US driving license and SSN Document for just $100. You can contact us.

However, you can create and manage other PayPal accounts from Nigeria without much risk unlike USA PayPal. The problem is not VPN if you can get your Documents.

Hope you learned something from the above post regarding “How To Open Paypal Account That Receive money in Nigeria” waiting to see you another day. Meanwhile check out for other blog posts below and also subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. Remember to share this page. Someone out there need it more than you do.

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