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Paypal To Payoneer Exchange Service 2022

Apart From PayPal To Naira Exchange, We Also Offer PayPal to Payoneer Exchange services here for those who wish to Gain their paypal money converted to payoneer funds.

There’s No doubt getting Payoneer Funds is kinda difficult compared to getting paypal funds. And in most cases, where payoneer are needed paypal might be rejected. (Vise Versa)

PayPal Exchanger Collect Your PayPal Funds and pay you using Payoneer Funds. the exchange rate is kinda shocking but not bad because we also find it difficult getting Payoneer to pay our customers in most Days. The difficulty in getting Payoneer Funds is what affects the PayPal to payoneer exchange rate.

In this Post, Am Going to show You steps to convert Your PayPal funds to payoneer using Our platform.

PayPal To Payoneer Exchange

First Step is To sign Up with Paypal exchanger and then Login Your account.

From Your Dashboard Menu, Click On Add Money to fund your wallet.

From The Next Page enter the amount You want To Add to your wallet and continue to the next step.

After funding your wallet, It’s Now time to withdraw your money and get payoneer. All you need to do is click on Withdraw from the Menu and fill in the withdrawal form accordingly. Select Payoneer as your payment method and enter your working Payoneer email

Preview and process Your Withdrawal and wait for Your payment within 12hrs. Your payment will be sent directly to the payoneer email deposited.

PayPal To Payoneer Exchange Rate

Currently, We Exchange 10$ PayPal funds for 8$ Payoneer Funds. Which means For every 10$ PayPal funds you Withdraw through our platform and selecting Payoneer as your payment method, You will get 8$ Payoneer Funds.

If You find the steps to convert Your PayPal to payoneer really helpful, kindly share and tweet below.

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