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PayPal Account Limited – How To Fix Temporarily Or Permanently Limited PayPal

It Was My First Time of using PayPal and I was surprised as account got Frozen with some funds.Then I never knew paypal does Freeze accounts so i began to search for keywords Like “My paypal account limited how to fix, limited paypal withdrawal service, paypal limited account how to get money out, How to Bypass PayPal limitation, paypal limited account access solution and many more of their kinds.

After lots of research, I gat to learn that there are two method of paypal Limitations. Temporary and permanent limitation.

The kind of limitation I got then was Temporary having studied the differences between both. Let me share with you here for newbies who may also want to learn.

PayPal Account Permanently Limited!

When Your PayPal is Permanently limited, it means You can no longer use That PayPal account again. When you login your account, You will see the notification as shown below.

In This Case, You cannot Restore Your account nor spend the funds therein. After 180days (6months) paypal will personally contact you that your funds are now available for withdrawal. You will only login and find a way to get your money out but you won’t be able to use the account again.. (There’s No Remedy to Reinstate Permanently limited paypal).

PayPal Account Temporarily limited

The Temporary limitation got remedy as one can fix it by submitting one or more documents depending on paypal demand.

Unlike permanent limitation where you aren’t given the option to restore account. When your PayPal Is temporarily limited, You will be given options to submit documents and once you do them right, You will be able to get your account back with ease.

When paypal account get limited, How can one Fix it?

PayPal Account Limited How To Fix

Like i have stated above, If your PayPal account is Permanently limited, You may not be able to restore it but if it’s temporary limited then it’s a matter of Getting the required documents and submitting to them.

To get Documents for Limited, Suspended or Banned PayPal Accounts, You just need to buy them knowing well that most details used aren’t real (You are not a citizen of that country you select during registration and the chances of getting their documents is less than 10%) which am very sure you already know.

Even at that, You won’t leave your money hanging on paypal so the best and available option is get the documents (YOU CAN BUY THEM CHEAP HERE). After that, Submit those Docs to PayPal and get your account reinstated.

What if My account with Funds is permanently limited?

Even after waiting for the 180days as stated by paypal, You might still find it difficult getting out your funds so in such case, You just have to consult limited paypal withdrawal services.

This set of professionals help withdraw money from your limited paypal accounts after 180days while they take their own commission.

There are many of such Limited PayPal withdrawal services Online but you can check out the most popular one.


Note: You must have money in your account and it must have reached 180days starting from the first day it was permanently limited.

What if I don’t Want to fix my temporary Limited PayPal?

If You don’t want to BUY DOCUMENTS to fix Your temporary limited PayPal account, The only option not the loose the available funds in the account is refunding the sender.

You can refund the payment back to the person who sent it. But in most cases, They won’t give you the option to refund. When that happens your funds remain locked till your solve the limitation. So you have no other option than solve it or leave it and bear the loss.

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  1. I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I definitely love reading everything that is written on your site.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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