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List Of PayPal Accepted Sites In India

After the initial PayPal Problem in India where users can only request Cheque to get paid, The quest for PayPal Accepted sites in India, Online stores that accept paypal payments in India, Etc Increased drastically because nobody want to leave their funds hanging and unused. Though after a while, the issue was later resolved and now fixed.

There’s No doubt there are many paypal accepted sites in India where one can spend their paypal money to buy clothes, Makeups, Groceries, Accessories etc. So if you are searching for online stores that accept paypal payments in India then this post is for you. But before then, what are the usefulness of paypal?

Uses Of PayPal

  1. You don’t have to reveal your card details to any merchant.
  2. You don’t have to remember any of your card details.
  3. You can use the same service whether you are in India or outside India for travel.
  4. You can use PayPal for your foreign transaction too (in the websites which support PayPal Checkout.
  5. PayPal Checkout makes the transactions seamless.
  6. If the Indian merchant or any foreign merchant website where you are buying supports PayPal Checkout then you simply have to use that to make the payment and your card details are never revealed to the merchants.
  7. PayPal is a boon for the 10X points accrual for Diners Club Cards if you decide to do foreign transactions with it. There are always instances where our Diners Card is not accepted for payments. For those instances, if the merchant accepts PayPal, we can still pay for the item with our Diners Card. This has resulted into huge savings via the 10X program. This transaction is not considered as wallet transaction. It is a normal transaction like any other and hence allows to accrue points too. Besides, I enjoy peace of mind by not revealing my card details and the availability of buyer protection too.

Best PayPal Accepted Sites In India

Below are some top online stores that accept paypal payments in India..


Like i said earlier, there many paypal accepted merchants in India but we’ve only listed but few.. Below are more of paypal accepted shopping sites in india.

Online Stores That Accept Paypal Payments In India

Here are some list of More Online Stores That Accept Paypal Payments In India

  • There are different things to buy here but one thing noticed about this store is that their items are overcharged though can still be an option. You can check out.
  • Bookscaterer.Com: Whenever you think of buying books online with discount here’s the best place as there are many books available for sale. Book scaterer is one best online store to buy books with paypal in India.
  • You may also want to buy web hosting at cheap rate using your PayPal funds in India. Wayinfotech is an ancient and trustworthy Web hosting company which offers affordable hosting plans with different payment methods including PayPal as an option.
  • you looking forward to give gifts to your loved ones from India? There are various gifts available here with moderated prices and the best of all, you can make payment using PayPal.

Apps that accept paypal India

There’s No doubt Mobile apps are more handy and easy to use compared to Websites. You might be wondering if there are apps that accept paypal india perhaps to download and use them right from your mobile phone.

If You are searching for apps that accept paypal India, Most of the listed websites above are also available in mobile applications. You can search for them on Google playstores for free download.

Conclusion: PayPal Accepted Sites In India

There are more online stores that accept paypal payment method in India. Are you an Indian? Have you ever made purchase online using paypal? You can comment more stores that accept paypal below.

Meanwhile, We also wrote article here on Best Clothing Stores that accepts Paypal Payments. You can check it out as well.. Please share if you like this post on paypal accepted sites in India

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