Cardro pro is the number one Hacking app with multiple functions which you can download below.

cardro pro

  • Cardro for Carding
  • Cardro for Fake alert
  • Cardro for BVN Hacking

Cardro pro Functions

Cardro pro for Carding

With this feature, You can remove money from any credit or debit card without otp or pin.

All you need to carry out successful transaction using cardroapp is :Clients Card Number , Cvv and expiry date.

You will have to fund your cardro wallet with Funds in the card after which you can transfer to bank or bitcoin. It works for all types of cards.

Cardropro for bvn hack:

If you have active bvn digits with good amount of money, it’s easy removing money from them using Cardroapp.

You don’t need any additional info. Just your valid BVN is needed. This function only works in Nigeria.

You can extract unlimited amounts but 4 times daily usage.

Cardro Pro for fake alert

it’s easy sending fake bank alerts to clients using cardropro irrespective of their location.

You can send fake bank alert to all countries and get the funds directly to clients bank account “Available balance will also be topped up during reflection”

This funds stays in recipient wallet or account for 14days after which it disappears.

Cardro pro activation code

Almost every carding or bank hacking apps got to be activated unless you are just new to the hustle.

The activation or developers fee is a one time payment you make to get your access code.

This access or activation key can be used as long as the Cardro app remains on your device “this means, it doesn’t expire unlike other apps”

One of the disadvantage is that: You cannot use the code on two different devices. This means one code is for one device.

If eventually you lost your device wither PC, iPhone or apk, you can easily switch by using same code on a new device and the app will be deactivated automatically from the old device.

There are many fakers out there who claims to have cardro pro activation code for sale but please don’t be a victim of scam.

You can only get the code through the phone number on the app or this website.

Cardro pro activation code cost $91 and its a lifetime program. There’s no expiration date so long you have your code

How about the Funds

Incase you’re wondering where will your fund go after you have succeeded in pulling them out from your clients BVN or Card Details.

The funds goes directly to your cardro pro wallet and it last there as long as your app is on your device. Until you withdraw the funds from your wallet, it will always remain there.

About the security

We always advise the use of VPN whenever you are making use of this app. Any vpn services can be used.

You shouldn’t worry about getting caught because your identity is masked.

Download Cardro app below

cardro pro

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