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How to Open South Africa PayPal account in Nigeria

It’s Clear the Most Commonly Used PayPal account in Nigeria are : US, UK UAE, Lesotho, Morocco, Iceland, and South Africa. So far, we have discussed some guides to make US PayPal Lesotho Paypal Account, UK paypal account And the likes. You can do your findings using the search button on this site. Now we are going to learn how to open south Africa PayPal account in Nigeria for those who are willing to use SA paypal in nigeria without knowing how to get it done.

Just like Other PayPal accounts so is South Africa PayPal. The only difference why people have chosen it over lesotho, UAE and the likes is because it can send and receive payments as both freinds and family + Goods and Services. You can get paid through fnf or gns while in UAE paypal you can only receive Gns (goods and services). Lesotho can receive freinds and family payments but can only send out as goods and services.

Having known that South Africa PayPal can send and receive payments as goods and services, Let’s discuss how to open south Africa PayPal account in Nigeria for free.

How to Open South Africa PayPal Account in Nigeria

  • Click On the Signup Link
  • Select Your account Type
  • Enter your name, email and other details
  • Fill In your Address, date of birth, ID details
  • Link And Confirm your debit or credit card

To get started with the steps, Visit South Africa PayPal Url which is

Click on signup from the side Menu. Select your account type.

Enter your Name, Email and Password. It must not be Legal details but if you’ve got legal details then you can use them. But am sure you’ve not unless you reside in South Africa?.

From the next page, Fill in Your address, Date of birth, Phone number and other details. You can generate South Africa Address, and Phone Number here.

Always be sure to Note Down Your registration Details for future reference. Such As ID Number, It can be any Digits but keep it recorded so you won’t forget, Your name, Date of birth And address.

Now that Your account is Done, Access the dashboard and Confirm your email address, Then Link card to raise transaction limit.

You can do this By Clicking on Link Card/bank Option from your PayPal account, Select Link Card and enter your Card details then save and confirm card. (Yes Your Nigeria ATM Card does Work but there are chances they might be rejected).
In a case where your Card is rejected, You may need to get Virtual cards to complete the verification process.

Having confirmed and Verified Your account, You may need To Know how to withdraw from Your South Africa PayPal account. There’s nothing difficult than using our services. We help convert your funds to Naira with ease. Check here for guide

Conclusion: How To Create South Africa PayPal account in Nigeria

So far you’ve learnt how to open South Africa PayPal account in Nigeria which can send and receive both fnf and Gns funds.

The challenge you may encounter is linking Your Card or the Virtual Card. You can contact us in regards to this.

The Details You used during Registration will be used to make your document if PayPal limit your account and ask for any doc in the future. Check paypal documents price here. Kindly share and tweet this post for love.

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