How To Buy Bitcoin Without Otp Verification

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Buying Bitcoin without otp and identity verification is the easiest way to Cashout from stolen credit/debit cards.

There are Many ways to Cashout from stolen or hacked credit/debit cards. While some folks do it using certain expensive softwares to bypass Otp verification, it’s easier when you purchase Bitcoin with them.

For Years i have been using this Method especially when i purchased dumps and Cvv online. I use this same method to buy bitcoin with them and do whatever i wish with the Bitcoin having gotten them in my wallet.

How to Buy Bitcoin Without OTP verification

Normally when you want to buy bitcoin from many online shops like Coinbase, Paxful, blockchain etc, you need to verify identity by Submitting some kind of IDs. Most buyers even find it difficult completing the registration because of the identity verification. But this guide is a saviour.

With this Guide, I will show you the easiest method on how to buy bitcoin without otp or identity verification online.

Below are the details needed to buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously and instantly without otp or identity verification.

Required Details To Buy Bitcoin Without Otp Verification

All You need is the Credit / Debit Card details such as the Cvv, Card number and Expiry date.

You don’t need the Card pin or other details like phone number for receiving authorization code as that won’t be necessary.

buy bitcoin without otp

Believe Me, You can make a whole lot of money using this method if You have Legit Source where you get Real and working Card details .

How much is the Guide?

The PDF guide cost $50. And it contains everything you need. It will teach you how to

  • Open Bitcoin Wallet Account and get your unique Bitcoin address
  • How to buy Bitcoin online without otp or ID verification and get credited instantly

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PayPal Tax Documents – Solve PayPal Tax Documents Verification

Buy Fake PayPal Tax Documents: Before Now, We have been selling Well Made Documents For Limited PayPal Accounts Here and with our Documents which have 97% Success rate, Many of our customers has recovered their temporarily limited PayPal accounts.

Some Months Back, A guy messaged me on WhatsApp that he needed to Buy PayPal Tax Documents because his PayPal account was seriously demanding for them so i made some for him even though the services weren’t included on this website.

His account was restored as the Tax ID notification was cleared and removed from the account. So i decided to add this service to our website and ever since then, i figured out that the demand for PayPal tax Documents is really high as we have gotten more and more jobs on this.

PayPal Tax Documents

PayPal is required by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to report information about account holders who receive payments for goods and services in excess of certain transaction and payment volume thresholds. This information must be provided for U.S. PayPal accounts and may also be required for account holders outside of the United States (if the holder of a non-U.S. account is a U.S. person).

In order to satisfy these reporting obligations (including filing Forms 1099-K when necessary), PayPal must collect information from our customers (like their TIN and name).

U.S. citizen or other U.S. person/entity

Customers who exceed the reporting thresholds set by the IRS ($20,000 USD and 200 transactions) will be asked to confirm their U.S. taxpayer status and to provide their U.S. taxpayer identification number (SSN, EIN, ITIN) and name.

When you need to confirm your U.S. taxpayer status, PayPal will let you know by email and by notifications that you’ll see when you log in to your PayPal account. Click the link provided in the email or in the notification and enter the requested information.

The information you provide will be compared to the information on file with the IRS. If it doesn’t match, you’ll be able to review and edit the information up to three times. If the information cannot be verified, you’ll be asked to also provide your address and certify your information.

(This is the same information collected in the IRS Form W-9.)
If you have multiple PayPal accounts, you’ll need to confirm your taxpayer status for each account.

If the IRS has notified you that you are currently subject to backup withholding, don’t submit your information online. Instead, <>contact PayPal Customer Service for assistance with confirming your taxpayer information at 1-888-221-1161 (1-402-935-2050 if calling from outside the U.S.).

Non-U.S. person/entity

Customers who exceed the reporting thresholds ($20,000 USD and 200 transactions) set by the IRS will be asked to confirm their U.S. taxpayer status. If you are not a U.S. citizen or U.S. entity, you’ll be asked to certify that you’re not subject to U.S. income tax in our online form.

When you need to confirm your U.S. taxpayer status, PayPal will let you know by email and by notifications that you’ll see when you log in to your PayPal account. Click the link provided in the email or in the notification and enter the requested information.

If the account owner becomes a U.S. person or entity, or becomes subject to U.S. income tax, the account owner will notify PayPal within 30 days.

What If You can’t Provide Your PayPal Tax Documents?

If You make Good Money online using PayPal then be ready for the Tax man and if you can’t pay up your tax am sure you understand the consequences. Get your business messed up.

So it’s necessary you follow the rules and do what’s necessary right. Which is “Submitting Your Tax Documents.”

Don’t border about how it’s gonna be done or how it’s done. We got you covered as we can help you cover everything easily and get them approved un just a matter of days. Contact us for price and negotiation.

Can PayPal Invoice Be used As Proof Of Address Document?

We all know PayPal limiting and suspending accounts Is no longer something new. It usually happen and when it does, we have no option than to buy fake documents for PayPal verifications.

This time, it happened once again to a friend and he came to me that he already got some receipts for the goods purchased so he asked:

Please sir, Can i use Invoices / Receipts as PayPal proof of address?

Some of you might also be wondering if one can use PayPal payment receipts as proof of address document 📄. This post will make it clear but before then, let’s see the meaning and understand PayPal proof of address.

PayPal Proof of Address Document 📄

Every Limitation on PayPal have acceptable documents. When PayPal limit or suspend your account asking for proof of address, it simply means you should provide any document which Shows your address in it.

The Address on whatever ID you want to use as your proof of address must be the same as the address on your PayPal account if the document must be approved by PayPal.

The Major Reason why PayPal ask for proof of address is to be sure you are human and you have a residence.

At the same time, It will also please you to know that PayPal have no means of verifying your true identity. That means, if you provide fake ID, In as much as the address and other registration details tally with the ones on your PayPal account, And if Your ID Is Well Made and standard just like the ones we provide here, Your account will be reinstated back to Normal.

Does PayPal accept Invoice For proof of Address?

The answer is “NO” PayPal don’t accept receipt of items as proof of address even though they display your address by default. “So what are the acceptable PayPal proof of address documents?”

The acceptable PayPal proof of address documents were officially listed as below. The below line show why PayPal can’t accept receipts as proof of address document.

A proof of address is the document which confirms your residential/home address. It must be issued within the last 12 months and show both your full name and residential address, which must match the address on your PayPal account.

If you have changed address since sign-up, ensure to update the address in your PayPal account before uploading the document with your new address. The document must show a physical address, PO Box addresses are not accepted.

PayPal Acceptable Proof of Address documents are:

  • Utility bill (gas, electricity, water, phone/broadband, mobile, etc.)
  • Payslip
  • Bank or credit card statement (transaction dates can be used as equivalent of issue date)
  • Driving licence with physical address listed (must be issued within last 12 months to be accepted)
  • National ID card (can be accepted if not used as proof of identity and it is issued the last 12 months)
  • Tax Authority Letter
  • Proof of residency.

Whenever PayPal ask you for Proof of address, Provide any of the above wither fake or original but make sure the details are matched with what you have in your PayPal account and the documents meets with PayPal Standard. Below are some other things you shouldn’t border to submit as proof of address.

Unacceptable PayPal Proof of address documents:

  • Envelopes
  • Selfies outside your house
  • Residency letters signed by a landlord
  • Commercial invoices or receipts
  • Voting and electoral identification cards
  • Expired, partial or obscured documents.

Can one Bypass Proof of address Documents?

You can’t Bypass PayPal proof of address documents. Once this is demanded, You must provide it or forget your PayPal account.

If You don’t have these Documents, You can buy from our store. Not just proof of address but proof of identity, SSN, letter of authorization and other business documents. All you need is contact us here or message us through the WhatsApp scroll button.

You Can Buy Fake PayPal Invoice

Yes, We have made so many PayPal documents. Below is the most recent Invoice/receipt designed for our client. You can contact us for any type of PayPal document, Our documents approval rate is more than 95%.

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Buy Fake PayPal Proof Of Address For Identity Verification!

Talking About PayPal Proof of Address or proof of Identity for business and Personal paypal account owners. Day after Day PayPal Keep Limiting Accounts and asking For Documents that are tough and hard to get knowing well that most paypal users are fake.

It’s Not Your Fault to be Fake in order to use paypal. You just have to do it because you must meet up to transact safely online since almost all online stores need paypal to make payments, Companies and affiliate programs requires paypal to pay their workers so what else can you do if not to get an account by all means.

In the Cost of Getting PayPal account by all means, We go ahead to create accounts on countries we are not from using identities that never exists. All are Fake.

Most of paypal activities are controlled and runned by Bots so these bots are in charge of placing limitations on paypal accounts asking for further Identity verification to be sure you are the real owners of the accounts.

PayPal Proof Of Address Documents

When this limitation is placed, PayPal ask for documents of all kinds mostly proof of address. The PayPal proof of address will make it known if really you are from where you claimed to be and whom you claimed to be.

When PayPal is asking for Proof of address as mean of further identity verification, they are asking you to submit any document that will clearly show your name and address just as it’s in your PayPal account. This can be any document at all so long it meet with their demands.

Accepted PayPal Proof Of Address Documents

PayPal Proof of identity Documents for verification

  • Utility bills (phone and broadband services, gas, water, electricity, etc.) issued within 3 months
  • Bank account or post office savings bank account statements covering the last 6 calendar months
  • Valid passport
  • Valid driving license
  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhaar card
  • GST certificate of registration as valid proof address
  • Property or municipal tax receipt
  • Pension or family pension payment orders (PPOs) issued to retired employees by Government Departments or Public Sector Undertakings, if they contain the address
  • Documents issued by Government Departments of foreign jurisdictions and letter issued by Foreign Embassy or Mission
  • Letter of accommodation allotment from your employer issued by State or Central Government Departments, statutory or regulatory bodies, public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions and listed companies. Alternatively, you can provide the leave and license agreements with such employer allotting official accommodation to you.

Now, The Question Is How then Can you Get PayPal Proof of Address living in, Ghana, South Africa, Nigerian or other Citizen when you registered US paypal account. That’s the major problem and the reason why many funds are left unretrieved on paypal. We are here to help.

The only way is to Get Fake Documents to meet up with their demands or sit and watch Your money locked out for life.

Where To Get Fake PayPal Proof Of Address

We Sell Fake Paypal Documents of all Kinds but in this Case, We are talking of Proof of address. We can help you make perfect ones not just to lift your PayPal limitations but for every other online use as well.

Below are some Fake Documents we have made. We are experienced and we know exactly what they want so we paint our Documents so real that they never reject them unless you didn’t provide the right details.

You Might Be wondering! What if They Get to Know the Identity Are fudged. But that’s not true because they have no further means of Identity verification than merely looking at any documents submitted to be sure they are clean, clear and matches details you have in your PayPal account and that’s exactly what we provide.

We Can Help You make The Exact Documents You need to proof Your address to paypal. All we need from You is the correct Details used in registering your PayPal account and we are good to deliver your documents in less than 12hrs.

Proof Of Address Before PayPal Limitations

If You Have a PayPal account created Under fake Identity, It’s sure that one day they must surely lock you out for further verification.

Getting this ID aren’t made for only those whose accounts are already limited. You can get yours while your account is still live. Then when anything comes up in the future you can just submit your documents to them and stay safe.

How To Buy PayPal Fake Proof Of address Documents

All you need to do is fill in the below form correctly, From the next page, Make Your payment and Wait for order delivery in less than 12Hrs maximum. (UK, US, Canada, England, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Lesotho, Iceland and other countries you can think of we got all IDs available)

  • Fill Your Name: Kindly Use the Name you would Want to show up in your ID
  • Fill In Necessary additional information
  • Fill In the Address You would Want us to use in Your ID
  • Enter Your Most active Email address so we can respond without error in message delivery.
  • What Country PayPal Account Have You – Fill that also

Cost for Each Document is $30 only

Enter the country you would want your ID to be made of.
Kindly Enter A valid Email Address through which we can get in touch
Additional information like Your Your Date Of birth, Address, etc depending on the document type you ordered

Once Your Details Are sent, We will reply Your email with our Payment details based on your Preferred payment method, as soon as paid, Just send your payment proof through our Official email address and wait for your work to get done.

We send all Documents as Attachments via the email You submitted and the maximum time for delivery is 12hrs if after that you didn’t get your documents ready, you can order a refund.

Fake PayPal Proof Of Business Address

If You got a PayPal business Account and they are asking for business proof of address then Just fill Your business address instead of using your main address above unless you have used your main address same as your business address.

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4 Important Things To Note Down When Opening Fake PayPal Identity Account

It’s Difficult and tough to see folks who uses real details In Opening paypal account since most of the countries are restricted from many features. For example, people in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana etc do open US, UK, Canada paypal accounts and there’s no way they can possibly get the real details to back their identity verification .

They are equally using PayPal accounts from other countries perhaps to get all functions without restrictions. In the Cost of doing this, Identity verification Is placed on hazard. Since it’s obvious getting the real details from foreign countries is almost impossible, We gat to make fake documents against the evil days or in the evil days (when paypal request for further identity verification).

Without Using Fake ID, Your money is likely to get locked on paypal. But before you can even think of making fake documents you must get your PayPal account details noted during or after registration. There are certain details you need from your account to make whatever fake ID you would want to make unless you are still missing it out if details on your fake docs aren’t corresponding with what you have in your PayPal account.

Below are some of the Details you need to keep on Record after or in the process of signing up your PayPal account for future reference.

Important Details To Aid Identity Verification

  • Your PayPal Date of Birth (DOB)
  • You Credit Card Number and Details
  • Name on the paypal account
  • Address on paypal account

Name on the paypal account

No matter what documents you provide, PayPal will always need your name to show up just as it’s on your account.

For instance, If they ask for photo ID and you provide one with different name, then your documents are likely to be rejected.

You Credit Card Number and Details

Your Credit Card number, name and Expiry Date should be recorded somewhere especially when you use virtual Cards.

When you use virtual card for your PayPal verification it’s very important you save those details since they are only temporary cards just incase paypal ask for bank statements these details might be needed to make fake bank statements of accounts.

Your PayPal Date of Birth (DOB)

Your PayPal date of birth is very important as paypal does need it for verification. In most days when you tried to access your account and your access is denied, when you put up a call on them they will ask you to provide certain details such as your PayPal account date of birth before they will be able to restore your account.

Failure to provide these details might leed to permanently restricting you from your account because your identity could not be verified. Beside that, when making Photo ID, driving license or other similar documents your date of birth is required.

Address On Your PayPal account

In most occasions, PayPal do ask for proof of Address when this is required, it can be any document such as your Driving license, Utility bill, bank statement of account, etc

But whichever document you provide as your proof of address must show your home address same as the one on your PayPal account otherwise you are getting it wrongly if both addresses doesn’t correspond.

Once You have these details recorded, Your account safety is guaranteed because you can use these details to make fake IDs unless your account is permanently limited where they give no second taught or means of recovery.

Therefore, Don’t just sign up your account and go away forgetting the above details instead always note them down for future reference. We also Sell Verified PayPal Accounts and when we do, We give our clients all necessary details. You can check out here for further instructions. Kindly tweet and share this page.

4 Things to try Out When Your PayPal Account is Limited

You Might Be wondering What to be done when your PayPal account is Limited, Suspended or Banned. let’s not talk much stories having known what paypal Limitations is all about instead let’s get straight to the point.

like we have mentioned earlier in one of our recent posts where we stated that there are two types of paypal Limitations. Am sure the post has done well to explain temporary and permanent paypal Limitation.

While the temporarily limited Paypal Account can be restored with documents, permanently limited paypal cannot be restored or resolved instead you can only get the grace to cashout your funds after 180days.

What then can one do when his or her account is temporarily limited asking for documents or when it’s permanently limited!? Read further…..

Actions To Take When Your PayPal account is Limited

Below are some of the things to try when paypal limit your account.

  • Attempt Refund
  • Order a chargeback
  • Solve limitation
  • Open New account

Attempt Refund!

: Immediately your account is Limited try to refund back to the person who sent you the funds. In that case you won’t put the money to risk

You can refund to them and ask them to send again to a different account. In most cases the refund Button might not be available – that means this won’t work either. Another reason why the refund might not be welcomed is when the funds are sent from companies and organizations like Fiverr, upwork or other freelancing websites instead of individuals. In such case, you may need to ignore the refund option evev if it’s available because they can never resend the funds if you refund to them.

Order a Chargeback!

When You receive the funds as goods and services, you can order the sender to Initiate chargeback. After some days, paypal will review the transaction and reverse the money back to the sender.

After then, you can ask them to send again to different account. Chargeback is easily done when the payments are made through g&s (goods and services).

Solve the Limitation:

When your account is temporarily limited, they will always ask for certain documents and once you provide those documents, your limit will be lifted.

So all You need To Do is Shop Fake ID Cards and documents for verification. With this, you can totally pass their limitations with ease.

Open Another PayPal account:

: If there’s no enough money in the account at the point of limitation, there will be no need to stress yourself getting the account back or spending extra to get the account live again, instead you can just open a new paypal account here and abandon the limited account for life.

It’s important to Note that paypal do track details so when opening another account, it’s advisable you use different details like name, email, date of birth, credit Or debit card etc…

Wait Till the Given Date:

If it happens that your PayPal account is permanently limited without any option of recovery, just wait for 180days and you will be able to get your funds out.

After 180days, paypal will send you email message that your funds are available for withdrawal.

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Buy Aged PayPal Account – Business or Personal

What’s Aged PayPal Account, How does Aged PayPal account works, Does aged PayPal account have additional features, Where can one Buy Aged PayPal Account

Am sure you are wondering about all of the above questions if today is your first time of hearing the word Aged PayPal Account.

What’s Aged PayPal Account and How’s Does it work?

Aged PayPal Account
is the type of account that has been existing for a long time. It can be years or months but not really fresh accounts.

We all believe that PayPal have respect for old accounts. Meaning they don’t ban them rampantly like they do to fresh and new accounts. So people do prefer using old paypal accounts rather than opening new ones having believed they are safer.

There’s no doubt old paypal accounts are likely to serve you longer than new ones because they have gained trusts and credibility thereby any payment received, or sent hardly go on pending balance and no matter how much you receive, You hardly get locked out unlike new accounts.

Typically, there’s no difference between old and new paypal accounts. They got same functions I mean but only preferable because of the safety it possession.

How Can one Get Old / Aged PayPal Account?

Aged PayPal Account can’t be done via normal registration. Instead it’s something that requires time and patience.

You open an account normal and as usual, You make two to ten Transactions or more, you leave the account there for months or years. Then you make more and more transactions. Then such account is aged paypal provided it’s not limited during this whole processes.

When we made mention of selling verified paypal accounts here, we didn’t make mention old paypal accounts. When you order an account from the above link, we open fresh account for you – Business or personal using the required documents.

We also have aged paypal accounts for sale but they are costlier than fresh accounts. What we do is setup the accounts, Trade some funds with them, leave them for some months, sell them off to clients who need aged paypal accounts for business.

We have personal and aged paypal accounts of Lesotho, and UK USA only. So if you are looking for other countries account not listed above, we don’t have it available.

Our Aged PayPal Accounts stay at least 8 months, others 1yr, We don’t have accounts that has lasted longer than a year. We do sell them 8 to 12months old with at least 5 to 10 GNS and Fnf Transactions.

We have both personal and business accounts based on the above listed countries

While Business Accounts Cost 70$ Personal Accounts cost 50$

If You wanna Buy Aged Business or Personal PayPal Account contact us, Make payment, Get Your Logins directly to your email address.

50$ For personal account and 70$ for business account.

If You want to Buy Two accounts on the spot, you get them for 100$ business or personal. And if you have ever purchased anything from us before, you get our aged paypal account for 50$ business or personal (just message us with the proof that you have made trade with us before and that’s all).

But for new customers who want to buy just one account, The price is fixed for now.

To Buy Aged PayPal Account

Contact us using below email form or using the scrolling whatsapp button on the page.

Buy Documents For Your Limited , Ban Or Suspended PayPal Accounts

Buy Documents For Your Limited , Ban Or Suspended PayPal Accounts: Is Your PayPal Asking For SSN, Proof of address, Photo ID, Proof of fulfillment, driving license, international passport after Signup and having done with the setup?, Can one Bypass PayPal SSN without submitting to them?, Can one trust PayPal with their SSN? what if I don’t have SSN and it’s required by PayPal what can I do, Does Fake documents work with paypal verification, How can one get fake documents for PayPal Verification?. These are some of the things we are going to discuss in this post.

I see people lost money every day just because they are locked by paypal asking for some kinds of documents hard to provide such as: Proof of address, photo ID, Bank statement, SSN documents, proof of fulfillment etc…

There’s always a solution to every problem. In this case, The solution is “Providing the documents they required of you and get your account reinstated with ease, as there’s no way you can possibly Bypass those documents and get your account back. Therefore, you must provide them or forget the account irrespective of the amount you’ve got there.

Before we further this discussion, what’s SSN in regards to PayPal verification?

SSN for paypal Verification

This is a common deed on USA PayPal. They will request your Social security number (SSN) when the account is setup, or when you receive some funds newly.

In most cases, They will even allow you to make more and more transactions successful before bringing up the SSN limitation.

When this is Done, You won’t be able to send out funds or withdraw even though you may still receive from senders automatically the account remain useless untill the SSN limitation Is removed.

Paypal Social security Number 4 Digits

When Your Account is limited, They will ask for the Last four Digits of your Social security Card, And when you enter it, in the next page they will ask you to submit the social security number usually the card, and photo ID which can be driving license, international passport, National ID of the country account usually USA since it’s US that demand SSN.

As soon as you submit these documents, They will be reviewed to make sure they match with your registration details after which your account will be reinstated.

How to Get PayPal SSN Documents

If you are a US citizen, it’s a common thing having your SSN documents available which you can use for any online registration including Paypal.

If You are Not a USA Citizen getting, getting SSN for verification can be very tough unless you wanna get fake social security number for paypal verification and you may be wondering if Fake ssn does work with paypal.

Fake SSN does work with paypal verification when properly Made, I mean when carefully designed.. This is because they got no means of proper verification of your identity to see if the details are on federal system or not.

All they Check is the ID and your registration details to see if they match. Details like your name, address, Date of birth, ID number, SSN number etc this is one reason you must keep the details recorded during registration so you won’t forget them when you wanna make fake documents. Anything different from what you’ve got in your account can make them reject your submitted documents.

Fake Social Security Number For Paypal Verification

There are many places to Buy Fake paypal documents online such as secondeyesolution and others.

But you don’t need to go far searching for that as we also sell PayPal documents of all types with a low prices compared to others. Our Documents Cost just 30$ (for Each doc.) for first time customers

If You wanna Purchase More than Two Documents at the same time, You will get discount (You will only pay 25$ per document).

If you are a returning customer (I mean if you have once used our services) You will also be paying 25$ upon your return for more documents.

Can i use these documents for Limited Paypal

Yes, You can use the documents to raise your PayPal limitations and also, you can use them to signup for new paypal account so when PayPal ask for them in the future you can just submit them having registered the accounts with the details on the docs.

Since we launch this services we have helped So Many clients undo limitations from their paypal accounts and made them enjoy paypal without worries.

Don’t let paypal lockout your money for things you can easily solve using our affordable services. Buy Documents For Your Limited , Ban Or Suspended PayPal Accounts

What is Photo ID (PayPal Verification)

When PayPal ask of photo ID, they mean you should submit any document showing your photo and Identity which can be National ID based on the registration country, International passport, driving license, Or any other Document generally accepted.

PayPal Document: Proof Of fulfillment

They usually demand this on payment made through goods and services. It means you should submit receipt issued to your seller since payment made as goods and services indicate you sell something to someone.

Even if you didn’t sell anything So long it’s GNS payments, paypal assume you sold something and they expect you to issue receipt for the sold items. That’s proof of fulfillment.

PayPal Document: Proof Of Address

Whenever paypal ask for this, It means you should submit Any document showing your residential address just as it’s on your paypal account during registration.

It can be your bank statement, It can be Utility Bill, It can be a receipt. So long it’s showing your address as it’s on your paypal account, they will approve it.

PayPal Documents and Services Delivery

Due to many request all day, We may take longer than your expectation to submit the docs to your whatsapp or through email messages (preferably email so they won’t loose quality).

With plenty customer or few, we don’t take Longer than 24hrs to get your work done but for weed end orders, we might take upto 48hrs as most of our teams don’t work on weekends except support teams.

How to Buy Documents For Your Limited , Ban Or Suspended PayPal Accounts

Enter the PayPal documents Page, Fill in the necessary informations needed to make your documents ready.

Make your payment, Wait for delivery within the next 24hrs on working days or 48hrs for weekend orders.

The above will help you solve all your limitations as you will be able to get all kinds of documents based on any country, Lesotho, Morocco, South Africa, UAE, Nigeria, USA, UK, England etc.

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PayPal Account Limited – How To Fix Temporarily Or Permanently Limited PayPal

It Was My First Time of using PayPal and I was surprised as account got Frozen with some funds.Then I never knew paypal does Freeze accounts so i began to search for keywords Like “My paypal account limited how to fix, limited paypal withdrawal service, paypal limited account how to get money out, How to Bypass PayPal limitation, paypal limited account access solution and many more of their kinds.

After lots of research, I gat to learn that there are two method of paypal Limitations. Temporary and permanent limitation.

The kind of limitation I got then was Temporary having studied the differences between both. Let me share with you here for newbies who may also want to learn.

PayPal Account Permanently Limited!

When Your PayPal is Permanently limited, it means You can no longer use That PayPal account again. When you login your account, You will see the notification as shown below.

In This Case, You cannot Restore Your account nor spend the funds therein. After 180days (6months) paypal will personally contact you that your funds are now available for withdrawal. You will only login and find a way to get your money out but you won’t be able to use the account again.. (There’s No Remedy to Reinstate Permanently limited paypal).

PayPal Account Temporarily limited

The Temporary limitation got remedy as one can fix it by submitting one or more documents depending on paypal demand.

Unlike permanent limitation where you aren’t given the option to restore account. When your PayPal Is temporarily limited, You will be given options to submit documents and once you do them right, You will be able to get your account back with ease.

When paypal account get limited, How can one Fix it?

PayPal Account Limited How To Fix

Like i have stated above, If your PayPal account is Permanently limited, You may not be able to restore it but if it’s temporary limited then it’s a matter of Getting the required documents and submitting to them.

To get Documents for Limited, Suspended or Banned PayPal Accounts, You just need to buy them knowing well that most details used aren’t real (You are not a citizen of that country you select during registration and the chances of getting their documents is less than 10%) which am very sure you already know.

Even at that, You won’t leave your money hanging on paypal so the best and available option is get the documents (YOU CAN BUY THEM CHEAP HERE). After that, Submit those Docs to PayPal and get your account reinstated.

What if My account with Funds is permanently limited?

Even after waiting for the 180days as stated by paypal, You might still find it difficult getting out your funds so in such case, You just have to consult limited paypal withdrawal services.

This set of professionals help withdraw money from your limited paypal accounts after 180days while they take their own commission.

There are many of such Limited PayPal withdrawal services Online but you can check out the most popular one.


Note: You must have money in your account and it must have reached 180days starting from the first day it was permanently limited.

What if I don’t Want to fix my temporary Limited PayPal?

If You don’t want to BUY DOCUMENTS to fix Your temporary limited PayPal account, The only option not the loose the available funds in the account is refunding the sender.

You can refund the payment back to the person who sent it. But in most cases, They won’t give you the option to refund. When that happens your funds remain locked till your solve the limitation. So you have no other option than solve it or leave it and bear the loss.

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Buy PayPal documents – Restore Limited PayPal Accounts.

Are you searching for the best place to Buy documents for your limited, ban or suspended accounts?. Is Your PayPal demanding for SSN verification?. The good news here is that we not only sell SSN but all kinds of PayPal documents to undo limited, suspended or banned paypal accounts. (Driving license, Passport, proof address, Proof of fulfillment, Receipt, Photo ID etc).

Landing on this page simply means you’re searching for a place to buy documents for paypal verification or how to add SSN documents to your PayPal account.
luckily, we not only sell SSN but all PayPal documents here

If you’ve gotten a US paypal account, you must definitely be searching for “How to add ssn to PayPal account . Since PayPal has made it mandatory for every registered US account to submit their SSN document.

The SSN know as social security number is a must have document/ID in USA if you are a residence.

Most of the lost and limited USA PayPal accounts today are caused by SSN issues. When PayPal place the SSN limitation on your account, until you submit those docs for review, your account may not be Available for use.

In one of my recent article, I wrote a blog post about how to claim your money from PayPal without SSN proof. Where i stated that even when your PayPal account is limited and demanding for ssn proof, you can still claim the money to your USA bank or Payoneer account.

Without adding the SSN when demanded, You won’t be able to send funds to other PayPal users or use your available funds to shop online. that’s the major limitation and there’s nothing worse than that.

In case you’re searching for how to add ssn to PayPal account, it will also please you that social security number isn’t just a number but goes with documents. Whenever this is required of you, they will definitely ask for photo ID e.g International passport or Driving License (DL). so even after entering your SSN number, the next page will demand you upload the other docs including the SSN doc showing your social security number.

In that case You need Your USA driving License along side with your Social security number Document to get everything done.

As a non US residence, it might not been an easy task getting these documents and am sure this is the major reason why you’re searching for a place to buy documents for paypal verification. fortunately, you got the solution here.

Buy Documents For Paypal Verification Cheap rate

If you’ve searching for the legit place to buy documents for paypal verification, where to Buy stealth Documents for PayPal Verification, this page will be of help.

There are many channels online where Stealth documents such as SSN and Driving License from USA are been sold but one thing for sure is that they are far too expensive as most people can’t afford them.

Imaging using $300 to buy just this two docs. to some folks it’s affordable but to the less privilege it’s demn expensive.

Here on PayPal Exchanger, We’ve Got the Best and Cheapest PayPal documents of all type (SSN, Driving license, Proof of address, proof of fulfillment, Utility Bill etc.

One reason why our Docs are different is the fact that PayPal never reject them unless you gave wrong details during orders.

Another Reason why customers prefer buying docs from us is the fact that they are cheap and affordable unlike the ones gotten from other sources.

We don’t just sell US docs but Australia, UK, Lesotho, UAE, Iceland, Canada, South Africa, etc also available. just in case you need docs from those countries instead of USA.

you can order here

The US Driving License and SSN document cost $30 even though they are two in one Documents

You can Place Order to get yours.

within the next 24hrs on working days or 48hrs for weekends.

Note:Documents Can Be in Your Name or Any Detail You want. Your Real IDs doesn’t matter when it comes to making Documents.

Boom: You’re all set to go.

How To Add Ssn To PayPal account

After getting your SSN documents, Login your PayPal account, Click on settings and scroll down the page until you find SSN. Click on the edit icon in front of it and you will be prompted to add your social security number which is 9 digits. They might ask you to add just the four Last Digits


Just add it up and save your settings and after that stay cool and watch out for the next action. Remember to choose Driving License option as your ID when making your account and also add your ID number which must match with the one on your ID.

this means you need to keep records of the details you use in making your account to get the documents match.

Next time when PayPal comes with their problems asking for your SSN, Just submit the Docs to them and that’s all.

  • Bonus: When you buy Docs from us, you will learn how to get USA virtual Cards with your own Name online for PayPal verification

  • And Also, How to get USA phone number for PayPal, WhatsApp and other online verifications for as low as $10/year


Buy documents for your limited, ban or suspended accounts

If you already have a limited, Suspended or Banned PayPal asking for documents, All you need to do is place order here using the details of your PayPal account , As soon as you get your purchase docs, Submit to them and your account will be reinstated.

Our Documents work for all type of paypal. You can buy them to register your account, Use them for already limited paypal

Buy Ssn and Driving License for PayPal verification

Hope the above post was helpful. am sure you now found a good source to buy documents for paypal verification Be glad you’re here.

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