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Can PayPal Invoice Be used As Proof Of Address Document?

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We all know PayPal limiting and suspending accounts Is no longer something new. It usually happen and when it does, we have no option than to buy fake documents for PayPal verifications.

This time, it happened once again to a friend and he came to me that he already got some receipts for the goods purchased so he asked:

Please sir, Can i use Invoices / Receipts as PayPal proof of address?

Some of you might also be wondering if one can use PayPal payment receipts as proof of address document ?. This post will make it clear but before then, let’s see the meaning and understand PayPal proof of address.

PayPal Proof of Address Document ?

Every Limitation on PayPal have acceptable documents. When PayPal limit or suspend your account asking for proof of address, it simply means you should provide any document which Shows your address in it.

The Address on whatever ID you want to use as your proof of address must be the same as the address on your PayPal account if the document must be approved by PayPal.

The Major Reason why PayPal ask for proof of address is to be sure you are human and you have a residence.

At the same time, It will also please you to know that PayPal have no means of verifying your true identity. That means, if you provide fake ID, In as much as the address and other registration details tally with the ones on your PayPal account, And if Your ID Is Well Made and standard just like the ones we provide here, Your account will be reinstated back to Normal.

Does PayPal accept Invoice For proof of Address?

The answer is “NO” PayPal don’t accept receipt of items as proof of address even though they display your address by default. “So what are the acceptable PayPal proof of address documents?”

The acceptable PayPal proof of address documents were officially listed as below. The below line show why PayPal can’t accept receipts as proof of address document.

A proof of address is the document which confirms your residential/home address. It must be issued within the last 12 months and show both your full name and residential address, which must match the address on your PayPal account.

If you have changed address since sign-up, ensure to update the address in your PayPal account before uploading the document with your new address. The document must show a physical address, PO Box addresses are not accepted.

PayPal Acceptable Proof of Address documents are:

  • Utility bill (gas, electricity, water, phone/broadband, mobile, etc.)
  • Payslip
  • Bank or credit card statement (transaction dates can be used as equivalent of issue date)
  • Driving licence with physical address listed (must be issued within last 12 months to be accepted)
  • National ID card (can be accepted if not used as proof of identity and it is issued the last 12 months)
  • Tax Authority Letter
  • Proof of residency.

Whenever PayPal ask you for Proof of address, Provide any of the above wither fake or original but make sure the details are matched with what you have in your PayPal account and the documents meets with PayPal Standard. Below are some other things you shouldn’t border to submit as proof of address.

Unacceptable PayPal Proof of address documents:

  • Envelopes
  • Selfies outside your house
  • Residency letters signed by a landlord
  • Commercial invoices or receipts
  • Voting and electoral identification cards
  • Expired, partial or obscured documents.

Can one Bypass Proof of address Documents?

You can’t Bypass PayPal proof of address documents. Once this is demanded, You must provide it or forget your PayPal account.

If You don’t have these Documents, You can buy from our store. Not just proof of address but proof of identity, SSN, letter of authorization and other business documents. All you need is contact us here or message us through the WhatsApp scroll button.

You Can Buy Fake PayPal Invoice

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