15 thoughts on “Buy Verified US PayPal Account With SSN(Cheap And Discount Rate)”

  1. I’ve been using the account I purchased for two months now but need another one for some other purposes
    Hope I will get discount this time around? 🤔

    • Wither we are verifying existing account or we are making new account it cost $50 for personal account and $70 for business accounts

  2. I remembered spending more than your above price trying to make a legit account myself but it ended it tears.

    I think it’s better to buy verified PayPal account than making one alone unless u know how to.

  3. The US account, does it has Direct Deposit Enabled?
    I mean did you apply for cash card which makes PayPal assigned Account and Routing number to the account?
    That’s the type of account I’m looking for.


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