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How to Buy Crypto With PayPal Online

Buy Crypto with paypal

Buy Crypto with PayPal money

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Am sure you lack answers to many questions such as Can I buy bitcoin with paypal no ID?, How to Buy Crypto with PayPal anonymously, Top Websites to exchange PayPal Moneywith BTC etc and that’s one reason you landed on this page perhaps to learn how to convert your paypal to Bitcoin.

The truth Remains “You can Use PayPal to Buy Bitcoin online if you have some funds for exchange. But how can this be done.?

In this article, I will be showing You Where and how to Buy Crypto with PayPal even without ID verification as most of these websites requires ID while making BTC purchases online. Before we move further is it really worth it “Exchanging Your PayPal money with Bitcoin”? Let’s see that below.

Bitcoin Vs Paypal Difference

We are aware that both of them Are digital currencies but there are many differences which am not even sure we can list all as both Currencies serve different purposes with the same aim which is “Sending and receiving Payments online”.

If you’ve Been Using Both Currencies before now, am sure you should have something to comment about them. There’s always room for that in the comment section. However, From our experience so far below are some of the Few reasons why you should choose Crypto over paypal.

  • Low Transaction Fee
  • Globally Situated
  • Offline Presence
  • Ghost Mode
  • No Chargeback
  • Your Money is Safer
  • Low Transaction Fee:

    Each Time I use paypal to Make payment especially with the Goods and services payments method, I feel like They shared the money into two and gave my recipients halve of the payment because of the high charges which is about 2.5%.

    Though the charges Varies from one region to another and depending on the payment method you have selected during payment, but in whichever way, Bitcoin is still better than paypal in terms of transaction charges. You can testify of this if you’ve used both currencies.

  • Globally Situated:

    There are many Countries where paypal aren’t supported. You can check out the list of paypal restricted Countries here

    The listed countries are officially restricted by paypal and as such you can’t use paypal if you are from these countries unless you want to go the other way round. (Using Other countries account as Non residence)But Bitcoin is generally and globally accepted.

    Irrespective of your country, You can send and receive payments as BTC without official restrictions. While that’s clearly stated, it might also please you to know that some countries banned Crypto currencies and it’s termed illegal trading Bitcoin in such countries. This is not the handmade of BTC makers but the countries decision. You can check out some BTC restricted Regions here.

  • No Chargeback :

    Indeed, PayPal Chargeback feature has done more worse than Good to the users. I have read and encountered many occasions where someone will send you funds and after making payments to them in whichever method as agreed, they will initiate a chargeback and get back their funds with one pretense or the other.

    When payment is made Via Bitcoin, As soon as it’s sent, there’s no way to chargeback. Though it have it got disadvantage which means “You can easily loss money” but still better than paypal which many has taken advantage of to scam others of their hard earned funds.

    PayPal scam rate today is very high and most of the scams happens around chargeback.

  • Your Funds Are Safer:

    Almost every PayPal user has received one or more ban and suspension. It can be permanent or temporary.

    Paypal on daily Basics do terminate many accounts with funds. While some are been able to get back their funds, many funds has ended in paypal wallet.

    Today people are so scared of using paypal because it’s not reliable compared to other digital currencies like Bitcoin. This is one other reason why you should choose Crypto over paypal.Any money in your Crypto wallet is safer than the one you have in your PayPal wallet. (paypal is just the definition of risk).

  • Ghost Mode:

    In one way or the other, You must disclose your identity on paypal. Even when you use fake details to register, You won’t use fake bank to withdraw from PayPal.

    Before you can withdraw from PayPal, Your Bank details must be added or your Card attached to your bank and with this, Your Identity is fully disclosed.

    There are cases you might want to do anonymous transactions. Paypal might not be the best option unless you only want to transact without adding Bank or card details for withdrawal. In that case you can use Virtual Cards for verification and then only receive and sell your funds to some PayPal exchangers which aren’t the very best option.

    You can make and receive anonymous payments using BTC. It’s a good option for anonymous transactions.

In addition to all of the above, You can Use Bitcoin offline. You can check out 10 places where you can use bitcoin offline here.

How to Buy Crypto with PayPal Money online

  • Paxfu
  • Etoro

You knows the best reasons why you need to exchange your PayPal to bitcoin. For whichever reason, Below are some of the companies/websites where you can buy Crypto with paypal funds.

First You need to Create account with any of the listed websites where bitcoins are been sold and then you need to make purchase where you select your payment method as PayPal.

PaxFu This is one of the most trusted websites which Allows users to Trade Bitcoin using PayPal. There are many sellers and buyers from every part of the world. Enter the amount you wanna sell, get a buyer, get paid in bitcoin been your selected payment method.

Etoro A very Reliable place where you can just create account, Fund wallet with paypal then Buy Bitcoin with the funds from your wallet.

Obeserve below screenshots.

Other Reliable websites To Buy Crypto with PayPal:

Do you find the answer to your question on “where to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal funds”? kindly share and tweet this Page below. If you have idea of other reliable sources through which one can buy BTC with paypal, You can also comment below.

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