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Buy Aged PayPal Account – Business or Personal

What’s Aged PayPal Account, How does Aged PayPal account works, Does aged PayPal account have additional features, Where can one Buy Aged PayPal Account

Am sure you are wondering about all of the above questions if today is your first time of hearing the word Aged PayPal Account.

What’s Aged PayPal Account and How’s Does it work?

Aged PayPal Account
is the type of account that has been existing for a long time. It can be years or months but not really fresh accounts.

We all believe that PayPal have respect for old accounts. Meaning they don’t ban them rampantly like they do to fresh and new accounts. So people do prefer using old paypal accounts rather than opening new ones having believed they are safer.

There’s no doubt old paypal accounts are likely to serve you longer than new ones because they have gained trusts and credibility thereby any payment received, or sent hardly go on pending balance and no matter how much you receive, You hardly get locked out unlike new accounts.

Typically, there’s no difference between old and new paypal accounts. They got same functions I mean but only preferable because of the safety it possession.

How Can one Get Old / Aged PayPal Account?

Aged PayPal Account can’t be done via normal registration. Instead it’s something that requires time and patience.

You open an account normal and as usual, You make two to ten Transactions or more, you leave the account there for months or years. Then you make more and more transactions. Then such account is aged paypal provided it’s not limited during this whole processes.

When we made mention of selling verified paypal accounts here, we didn’t make mention old paypal accounts. When you order an account from the above link, we open fresh account for you – Business or personal using the required documents.

We also have aged paypal accounts for sale but they are costlier than fresh accounts. What we do is setup the accounts, Trade some funds with them, leave them for some months, sell them off to clients who need aged paypal accounts for business.

We have personal and aged paypal accounts of Lesotho, and UK USA only. So if you are looking for other countries account not listed above, we don’t have it available.

Our Aged PayPal Accounts stay at least 8 months, others 1yr, We don’t have accounts that has lasted longer than a year. We do sell them 8 to 12months old with at least 5 to 10 GNS and Fnf Transactions.

We have both personal and business accounts based on the above listed countries

While Business Accounts Cost 70$ Personal Accounts cost 50$

If You wanna Buy Aged Business or Personal PayPal Account contact us, Make payment, Get Your Logins directly to your email address.

50$ For personal account and 70$ for business account.

If You want to Buy Two accounts on the spot, you get them for 100$ business or personal. And if you have ever purchased anything from us before, you get our aged paypal account for 50$ business or personal (just message us with the proof that you have made trade with us before and that’s all).

But for new customers who want to buy just one account, The price is fixed for now.

To Buy Aged PayPal Account

Contact us using below email form or using the scrolling whatsapp button on the page.

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