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4 Important Things To Note Down When Opening Fake PayPal Identity Account

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It’s Difficult and tough to see folks who uses real details In Opening paypal account since most of the countries are restricted from many features. For example, people in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana etc do open US, UK, Canada paypal accounts and there’s no way they can possibly get the real details to back their identity verification .

They are equally using PayPal accounts from other countries perhaps to get all functions without restrictions. In the Cost of doing this, Identity verification Is placed on hazard. Since it’s obvious getting the real details from foreign countries is almost impossible, We gat to make fake documents against the evil days or in the evil days (when paypal request for further identity verification).

Without Using Fake ID, Your money is likely to get locked on paypal. But before you can even think of making fake documents you must get your PayPal account details noted during or after registration. There are certain details you need from your account to make whatever fake ID you would want to make unless you are still missing it out if details on your fake docs aren’t corresponding with what you have in your PayPal account.

Below are some of the Details you need to keep on Record after or in the process of signing up your PayPal account for future reference.

Important Details To Aid Identity Verification

  • Your PayPal Date of Birth (DOB)
  • You Credit Card Number and Details
  • Name on the paypal account
  • Address on paypal account

Name on the paypal account

No matter what documents you provide, PayPal will always need your name to show up just as it’s on your account.

For instance, If they ask for photo ID and you provide one with different name, then your documents are likely to be rejected.

You Credit Card Number and Details

Your Credit Card number, name and Expiry Date should be recorded somewhere especially when you use virtual Cards.

When you use virtual card for your PayPal verification it’s very important you save those details since they are only temporary cards just incase paypal ask for bank statements these details might be needed to make fake bank statements of accounts.

Your PayPal Date of Birth (DOB)

Your PayPal date of birth is very important as paypal does need it for verification. In most days when you tried to access your account and your access is denied, when you put up a call on them they will ask you to provide certain details such as your PayPal account date of birth before they will be able to restore your account.

Failure to provide these details might leed to permanently restricting you from your account because your identity could not be verified. Beside that, when making Photo ID, driving license or other similar documents your date of birth is required.

Address On Your PayPal account

In most occasions, PayPal do ask for proof of Address when this is required, it can be any document such as your Driving license, Utility bill, bank statement of account, etc

But whichever document you provide as your proof of address must show your home address same as the one on your PayPal account otherwise you are getting it wrongly if both addresses doesn’t correspond.

Once You have these details recorded, Your account safety is guaranteed because you can use these details to make fake IDs unless your account is permanently limited where they give no second taught or means of recovery.

Therefore, Don’t just sign up your account and go away forgetting the above details instead always note them down for future reference. We also Sell Verified PayPal Accounts and when we do, We give our clients all necessary details. You can check out here for further instructions. Kindly tweet and share this page.

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